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Application dossier (Master’s degree students)

Admissions are open from February for the 1st year Master's degree (M1) and 2nd year Master's degree (M2), and from May for the 2nd year Master's degree in higher education in design (M2FESup).

Unlike the other two ways of being admitted into the Design Teaching and Research Department (DER), the procedure in this case is not a competitive entrance exam.
  • Candidates are recruited based on an application dossier, which may be accompanied by an interview. Elements are examined by an assessment panel.
    Candidates may receive an invitation by post for an oral exam at the very beginning of July.

Le département

ENS Paris Saclay
Département Design
(Bâtiment Cournot, rdc)
61, avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan.


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- Rapports 1A Design 2015

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Espace projets
Dodo / Penser-Classer, 2001
Avery Dennison & VIA.
> Vincent Loiret, mention spéciale Gaz de France