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The mission of our department

The primary goal of our department is to train design students to become high school and college teachers. Therefore, we prepare the students for the highest degree of teaching certification in design (Agrégation d'Arts option Arts appliqués). During the first two years, students prepare level II diplomas required to undertake the teaching certification examination. The third and fourth years are dedicated to the actual preparation for the examination :  Agrégation and Master 2.

The renovation of the European universities system (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) has made possible for our students to obtain diplomas that are in line with those of higher education in other European countries and in the rest of the world. This way our students are offered many more options to integrate the various fields of design studies (architecture, fashion, graphic, industrial design, and more.... ) according to their own skills and aspirations.

During their four years at ENS de Cachan, students may choose from three programs :

  • a Master degree (DSAA : Diplôme Supérieur d'Arts appliqués : two years equivalent to the last year of a Bachelor plus the first year of Master) in one of the three partner schools of design in Paris (ESAA Duperré, ESAA Boulle, or Ecole Estienne) leading to the second year of Master with a professional orientation (Master 2 Professional). The fourth year is dedicated to preparing the highest teaching certification (Agrégation). This way, students can make sure that they have acquired all the necessary skills to accommodate the needs of their future students.

  •  a Master degree with any of the schools fully accredited by the French Ministry of Culture. The fourth year is dedicated to preparing the highest teaching certification (Agrégation).

  • a Master degree with any school of design within a University. This curriculum aims to be for students interested in researching the various theories of design and whose goal is to become scholars and obtain a Doctorate (in Aesthetic or History of the arts).

Le département

ENS Cachan
Département Design
(Bâtiment Cournot, rdc)
61, avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan.

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Espace projets

Etreinte progressive zelfo : 100% cellulose
> Élise Gabriel,
Master de design, session 2009