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Description of design department


The courses in the Department of Design fall under the umbrella of the Université Paris-Saclay (the UEVE, Telecom Paris, the ENS-Paris-Saclay, and the ENSCI-Les Ateliers) and all focus on research into design in collaboration with the Centre de Recherche en Design (Design Research Centre - CRD) at the ENSCI-Les Ateliers ENS Paris-Saclay. They are delivered in an inclusive environment and strive to bring together projects, theory, innovative aspects, and the history and theory of design, based on various experimentation and production-based workshops.

The ENS Paris-Saclay Degree

Students who pass the competitive entrance exam or are recruited based on their application dossier will study in the Département d'enseignement et de recherche (Teaching and Research Department - DER) as part of an ENS Paris-Saclay degree, based on 4 years of education, including an initial year at undergraduate degree level or equivalent, and then a Design Research Master's degree (years 1 and 2).

Recruited Ecole Normale students can study on one of three programmes, which all have a unique 4th year:
  • Higher education and research programme: a 2nd year Master's degree (M2) in higher education in design (M2FESup);
  • International research programme: an international pre-doctoral research year (ARPE);
  • Interface programme: a year studying on a dual-discipline course (Interface)

Master's degree from Université Paris-Saclay

Separately from this course offered to recruited Ecole Normale students enrolled in the ENS Paris-Saclay degree, étudiants (students who are not connected to the French Civil Service) may also apply to Master's degree courses offered by the department via the University platform:

Master 1 (1st year Master's degree - M1) - Design Research
This course sets out to educate students through research and in research, via learning by doing, helping to educate these students in the fundamental tools and concepts of the discipline. This first year of the Master's degree offers different scenarios to help improve practice (such as workshops and internships), based on essential skills for a future designer-researcher, such as gathering information, modelling, experimenting, coding, depicting, and publishing.

Master FESup (2nd year Master's degree - M2) - Teacher training
This programme offers training towards an academic career. It brings practical and theoretical components from design disciplines (history and philosophy) into play, as well as teaching components related to the project and in situ teacher-training sessions.

Master 2 (2nd year Master's degree - M2) - Design Research
This continues the designer-researcher training that began in M1, focusing on training with research tools and research through practice, by establishing individual challenges.

In partnership with: ; ENSCI-les Ateliers, la Scène de recherche, le Centre Pompidou, Telecom-Paris, campus des métiers d'arts & design


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