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Academic course

Year 1 is the equivalent of an undergraduate degree (year 3 of an undergraduate degree - L3)
Years 2, 3, and 4 are Master's level.

At the end of the studies at the school, students are in a position to undertake Doctoral studies.
The degree can also lead to more institutional positions, such as curator or custodian.

The courses available in the department

Year 1: L3

Please note: we would like to remind you that candidates taking the competitive entrance exam and recruited based on their application dossiers MUST be enrolled at university level L3 before finding out the admission results. 

Year 2: M1 (1st year Master's degree) in Design Research (ENS Paris-Saclay)

This first year of the Master's degree offers different scenarios to help improve practice (such as workshops and internships), based on essential skills for a future designer-researcher, such as gathering information, modelling, experimenting, coding, depicting, and publishing.

Years 3 & 4

3 programmes are available to you:
  • Higher education and research programme (teacher training - FESUP)
    - Year 3: 2nd year Master's degree (M2) in FESup + Year 4: Research Master's degree year (M2R)
    Learn more about the Master's degree M2FESup
  • International research programme
    - Year 3: international pre-doctoral research year (ARPE) + Year 4: M2R
    (or possibly Year 3: M2R + Year 4: ARPE) 
    Learn more about the Master's degree (M2) in Design Research.
  • Interface course 
    - Year 3: M2R + Year 4: L3 in another discipline.
    For this, students will have to study the M1 and the M2R in the Teaching and Research Department (DER) and to have completed studies in another discipline at the Université Paris-Saclay to at least level L3.

Please take a look at the ENS Paris-Saclay website to learn about all the courses.

Very occasionally for some Ecole Normale students connected to the French Civil Service, individual courses will be put together in agreement with the Vice President of the ENS-Paris-Saclay and contractually established as PESs (specific study projects):
  • for students wishing to bring aspects of product design into play, admission to the ENSCI will be deemed to be a suitable part of the ten-year commitment, (provided that the prospective student sits and passes the competitive entrance exam), following the 4 years of education;
  • Similarly, specific courses at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) may also be deemed PESs.

However, students accepted into the ENSCI or ENSAD courses must complete two years of courses at the ENS Paris-Saclay:
  • ARPE + M2R (ou M2R + ARPE)
  • M2FESup + M2R
  • M2R + Interface.

Students wishing to take one or two years out/unpaid leave (CST) can request it via a PES, provided that it does not affect the cohesiveness of the course. This leave will be interspersed over the 4 or 3 paid years as an Ecole Normale student. This will be required for ENSCI and ENSAD-type courses.


ENS Paris-Saclay
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