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M2 - Teacher training in design (FESup)

This provides training in design and applied arts teaching. The vast majority of students on the course find a job through the agrégation competitive exam for public education posts in applied arts, which opens up posts at sixth-form colleges and applied arts colleges.

  • A 1st year Master's degree (M1) in design.
  • Proven written and verbal communications skills.

Master's degree content

Based on a twofold approach, the M2Fesup brings the fundamental components of design practices and theories into play.
It combines traditional lectures (history of the discipline, philosophical aesthetics, and introduction to contemporary design practices), project workshops, and scenarios which aim to put the project approach into practice in an educational context.

This Master's degree establishes and tests written-communication and argument-formulation skills. It brings basic tools for project implementation into play. It tries to bring out the creativity required. Finally, a wide range of bibliographical and documentary materials are extensively made use of.

Duration: 1 year
ECTS credits: 60

Further studies 
As an M2 course, it provides a general foundation, which plays a useful role as a preliminary stage to the research:
  • its content gets all students' knowledge of theoretical disciplines (history of design and architecture, and general philosophy, in particular) to a standard level;
  • The project discipline, which is a significant part of the course, is based on forward-looking components.


  • Lectures in aesthetics and design history;
  • Thinking through design and project research and hypotheses workshops;
  • Teaching placements and training for the Leçon oral exam as part of the agrégation;
  • Development of oral and written communication skills.
  • Competitive entrance exam simulations.

Teaching team

  • Claire Brunet, director:
  • Claire Brunet, philosophy course director and Leçon assessment panel
  • Mathieu Buard, project and Leçon assessment panel
  • Leonore Conte, graphic design assessment panel
  • Robin de Mourat, digital culture assessment panel
  • Dagara Dakin, director of a design history course
  • Antoine Fermey, project and Leçon assessment panel
  • Clément Gaillard, doctoral student, project assessment panel
  • Catherine Geel, director of a design history course
  • Erwan Kerdreux, head of the thinking through design workshop, Leçon and architecture assessment panel
  • Marie Lejault, head of editorial production in design history
  • Etienne Pageault, contributor to the project research and hypotheses workshop
  • Vincent Rossin, head of the project research and hypotheses workshop
    Teaching institutions
  • The École normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay campus
  • A number of partner schools and museums of the Design Research Centre (CRD) or the Campus d'excellence des Métiers d'Arts
  • Learning resource centres for design and the Kandinsky Library, in particular. 

Saclay teaching institutions

  • Campus de l'école normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay
  • Quelques écoles et musées partenaires du CRD ou du Campus d'excellence des Métiers d'Arts
  • Centres de documentation en design et, notamment, la Bibliothèque Kandinsky