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2nd competitive entrance exam (M1)

This competitive entrance exam opens the door to a three-year course: M1 + 2nd year Master's degree in design (M2Recherche) + a placement in a laboratory (ARPE) or preparation for the agrégation competitive exam for public education posts in applied arts (M2FESup) + a year of another discipline (interface).

Eligibility: dossier of work


Candidates are asked to produce their work in order to give an overview of their profile, using a written, photocopied, printed or digital medium. These elements must use a range of techniques: photos, drawings, collages, sketches, digital prints, films, and more. 3D components must be represented. The following media are allowed: a maximum of 8 printed or produced physical media (original), free format (no larger than A2), or 8 digital media (which may or may not be dynamic, including digital processes, videos, animation, and interaction). Documents may be no larger than 75×106cm. Candidates must use mixed media. All candidates must demonstrate expertise and reflective engagement in design practices.

The dossier must include:
  • A typed text, explaining the content, considered an assessment of one's programme and put together to be used as an analysis of one's reasoning behind opting for research components.
  • A statement of intent in which candidates set out their potential for enrolling in programmes or disciplines of the design research team associated with the ENS-Cachan design department, in relation to the shared M2R at the ENS, the ENSCI and Telecom ParisTech, through a question, a system or an object.
  • A brief description (written, drawn, etc.) of a personal design research project will be requested.
  • A CV