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Master 2 design

As part of the European renovation of higher education program, ENS de Cachan created the Master 2 diploma in order to further develop the skills and abilities of our young designers.

In terms of academics, this is a final year of the Master cycle. This follows the DSAA degree and further develops our department's collaboration with partner schools of design (ESAA Boulle, ESAA Duperré and Ecole Estienne).

This curriculum aims to provide the students with both a wider understanding of the profession, as well as hands-on opportunities to practice and create. 

During that final year, students are encouraged to explore the problematics of a chosen field of design and to develop it into an actual production by the end of the year. This enables all our students to further realize the direction they want to give to their professional career.

This a critical year in the education of our future teachers in which they are given the opportunity to connect  their own practice with the reality of profession and production. This year long research and project eventually turns into a socially responsible work-in-progress where teachers, designers and students share an exciting learning experience.

Denomination of Master 2 Professional at ENS de Cachan

« Produit, Espace, Scénographie » (Industrial, Architectural and Set Design)

  • duration : two years
  • european credits per year : 60
  • location : first year in one of the following partner school of design, second year at ENS de Cachan

Master 1 degree in one of the following DSAA

  • Architectural Design  (ESAA Boulle)
  • Industrial Design (ESAA Boulle)
  • Fashion and Environment Design  (ESAA Duperré)
  • Graphic Design (Ecole Estienne)


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