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Agrégation (Highest Level of Teaching Certification)


Registration for the teaching certification Agrégation can be done by Minitel : 3615 code GCP, or online at :

In order to prepare for the « Agrégation d'Arts, options Arts appliqués, our curriculum  offers specific classes on the different topics of the examination.

First round

Preparatory classes for :
  • Written essay in Aesthetic (coefficient : 1)
  • Written essay in History of the arts (two periods) (coefficient : 1)
  • Investigation and project session (coefficient : 3)

Second round

Preparatory classes for :
  • Conception and production in design (coefficient : 6)
Two workshops are organized in November and January. Selected designers are invited to participate. Starting in April, more specific classes are held to prepare for the oral presentation of the various topics. Final evaluation is provided by a selected jury including one of the designers.
  • Syllabus design session (coefficient : 3)
This includes visits and collaboration with teachers in their own classrooms.
  • Extemporaneous discussion (coefficient : 1)
During registration, candidates may choose from one of the five electives : architecture, technologies, set design, visual arts, or graphic design.


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